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We offer a variety of facials to address different skin concerns and provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Facials are performed by trained estheticians who assess the individual’s skin type and concerns to customize the treatment accordingly. Some of the facial options available at the clinic include:

  • Hydrating Facial:
    Hydrating Facial:
    Experience the ultimate hydration with our rejuvenating Hydrating Facial. Reveal radiant, dewy skin that's irresistibly touchable. Unveil your glow today!
  • Anti-Aging Facial
    Anti-Aging Facial
    Turn back time with our rejuvenating Anti-Aging Facials. Experience youthful radiance and a timeless glow. Unlock the secret to ageless beauty.
  • Deep Cleansing Facial
    Deep Cleansing Facial
    Revitalize your skin with our Deep Cleansing Facials. Rediscover your natural glow and uncover radiant, flawless skin. Book now!
  • Brightening Facial
    Brightening Facial
    Reveal your radiance with our Brightening Facials! Experience a luminous transformation and embrace your glowing beauty. Unlock your skin's potential today.
  • Calming/Sensitive Skin Facial
    Calming/Sensitive Skin Facial
    Indulge in serenity with our Calming/Sensitive Skin Facials. Experience gentle, rejuvenating care for your skin, leaving you refreshed and radiantly serene.
  • Customized Facial
    Customized Facial
    Discover the secret to radiant skin with our Customized Facials. Indulge in personalized skincare treatments that leave you glowing and confident.

Unveiling the Care Your Skin Deserves!

Elevate your skincare routine and experience a transformation with our Customized Facials. At Klinika by Magic Style, we believe that your unique beauty deserves tailor-made care. Our skilled professionals craft personalized facial treatments to address your specific needs, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and glowing with confidence. Unleash the full potential of your skin today. Book your Customized Facial at Klinika by Magic Style and reveal your true radiance. Your beauty, your way, with us.

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  • Acne Treatment
Acne Treatment